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Turku, Finland & beyond

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About the Role

Are you eager to join the FakeFish team but not seeing your job listed here? We're working on our flagship title Barotrauma as well as an undisclosed second game, to be released one day much further down the road. We may have openings for a variety of people to join our team even if none are currently listed, so tell us who you are and we'll be sure to keep you in mind.


Self-motivation combined with team skills. We work together, but at the same time, fairly independently. To ensure you fit in comfortably, you should be ready and willing to work the same way: with responsibility and enthusiasm about your own corner of the project while maintaining an open line of communication and welcoming outside perspective, review, and feedback.

Reliability and ownership. Whatever you do and however long you have been doing it, you take pride in knowing your limits, seeing things through, and respecting the hard work of all your teammates. Making good games and staying happy in the process takes a team, and teams are built on trust.

About the Company

We're an independent game development studio of about 25 people – programmers, artists, designers, quality assurance, production, community management and audio design personnel, as of early 2023. Our headquarters is in downtown Turku, and we have a smaller office in central Helsinki. We've been in business since 2014.

We value our freedom, and you will find us a flexible workplace in terms of when & where. We also value responsibility and a sense of ownership over one's work, as well as respecting the work of others.

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