FakeFish Ltd. is an award winning indie game studio based in Turku, Finland, developing PC & Mobile games. Our team is made up of industry veterans as well as fresh talent and presently is racing full steam ahead towards the early access release of our first PC title: Barotrauma. We also do consultancy and contracting!


In Barotrauma you're a submarine crew member beneath the ice of Jupiter's moon Europa. Flee or fight alien lifeforms, explore a strange new world, command your crew, and craft equipment in a tense 2d co-op experience. Coming to Early Access on Steam in early 2019.

Alexander the Cube

Simple to learn, challenging to master, Alexander the Cube is a unique cubic puzzle game with a distinct sense of humor and easily accessible and appealing presentation. Initially F2P on Android and iOS devices, and coming to Nintendo Switch as a premium title.

Hopsters INC.

HOPSTERS INC. Is a social mobile Free-to-play management game where the player establishes an experimental brew pub in search of a hoppier, better tasting future.

Find out what your customers want, grow your own premium ingredients, then prepare and combine them in endless combinations to brew your very own craft beers to sell to the thirsty masses. Coming soon to Android and Apple appstores.

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