There is more to do with comedy in games.
Join our quest for glory and laughter!


FakeFish Ltd. is a privately owned Finnish PC & mobile game studio, founded in 2014 and with a focus on RPG titles. Our expert team consists of seasoned developers and top-notch freelancers. We are also available for subcontracting work.

Our studio is based in Turku, a coastal city and major gaming hub of 300 000 people in southwestern Finland with excellent flight and sea connections.


We are currently working on Northbound, an Adventure Role-Playing Game with strong comedic elements. The story and world of Northbound is influenced by Nordic mythology with ingredients from multiple medieval legends. Our game’s key mechanic – tactical character switching – leads to intelligent problem solving both in battles and puzzles.

Northbound key features:

  • Shrewd humor
  • Dynamic puzzles
  • Tactical battles
  • Quality narrative

We are currently looking for publisher and potential partners.


We are also developing Hopsters, an engaging free to play craft brewpub management game for mobile!

Setup your very own brewpub, farm your own ingredients and brew an endless selection of craft beer. Beware though, it will be a challenge to please your discerning customers, so discover new recipes or trade with your friends, and create a craft beer phenomenon to stand the test of time!


Barotrauma is a 2D online multiplayer game taking place in a submarine travelling through the icy depths of Jupiter’s moon Europa. The bone-crushing pressure outside the submarine, the strange creatures inhabiting the ocean and the potentially dangerous equipment and machines on board ensure that the tiniest slip can turn the game into a chaotic survival.

Contact us

We are located at Sirkkalankatu 12 LH 20500 Turku, Finland.
For business enquiries, please contact Mr. Aku Jauhiainen, CEO: +358 40 564 1210 / aku@fakefish.fi.

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